Sunday, August 24, 2008

Falling Fairy

A little while ago I got this fantastic idea to take fairy photos of my girls. It was alot of work getting all the stuff ready. I made a bunch of fairy crowns and little leafy looking things to go around the top of their dresses. We curled their hair up and then we were off to Natural Bridges where I was hoping there would be a speck of green. There was. Yay. Soooo we got them all dressed up and hiked them down a few different trails, I figured we'd get a few odd looks as we went, but as luck would have it there was no one there that day! I couldn't believe our good luck. Anyway Natalie was crossing one of those watery areas that had stepping stones to get across. The first step was actually a log and it rolled when she stepped on it and it just kept rolling. So lucky for me I had the camera ready to go and captured the whole moment to remember forever. Now I can look at it and chuckle when ever. Its so great.