Monday, April 25, 2011

pastels + sugarcoated chickens

or in other words


I'm such a dummy. I ran flat out of time on Easter this year. It was just so busy. Didn't get any candid shots of the kids enjoying their easter goods.

but I did get a couple stand over here and look pretty ones :)

They all sat their with their fierce looks for a minute and I was like uhhh whats wrong? It's Easter be happy! Oh yeah, and you're allowed to smile for these :)

haha they've gotten so used to me shooting for school projects that they forgot they can occasionally smile for the camera.

As soon as we got home from church they asked... did the easter bunny hide our eggs yet??

Not yet.

and then again before we went to grandma's house... Did the easter bunny come back yet?

nope, not yet.

And then when We got home from grandma's house... now? Will the easter bunny ever come back to hide our eggs??

*looks at fake watch on arm* I don't know it kinda late... go get ready for bed.

But then at 9:11 pm it finally happened for them! The easter bunny had come and it was a egg hunt by lantern light.

Do we have the best easter bunny or what?!

note: clearly our easter bunny is in cahoots with our tooth fairy, neither one seems to be very prompt.