Friday, April 1, 2011

Let's play

you might be a photographer if...

ok begin.

You might be a photographer if you've ever stepped out mid shower to grab your camera...

k, now you go.

or if you'd rather you and a friend can reenact this mornings dialogue between me and Lu.

will be good times I tell ya.

(she/he who plays Lu must use a most pathetically tragic voice. She/he who plays me can use any voice but an Australian accent would be the preferred choice)

L: I need a drink of water, I feel like I might barf.

J: Are you going to be ok? Should I take you to the hospital?

L: I don't know. I've never had a paper cut before, I might have to get surgery or stitches.

J: I really don't think so. Would you like some toast?

L: I can't eat toast, thats the hand I eat with.

(sipping her water she uses all her fingers to grip except the one tragic finger, which of course sticks straight up.)

L: will this top of my finger fall off?

... insert defeated stares and blinks here ...

J: I'm quite positive it will.

:) see. good times, as promised.