Monday, November 15, 2010

the old switcharoo. but in a good way.

It's funny because every time I looked over at my blog archive in October I was feeling a little vexed.

Like ZING you lose. But truth is, October's got nothin on November!!!

YAY first post of the month!! Is November really half over?!?

In regards to the photoshoot giveaway...

at the very last minute I'm changing the rules on you!!

This will be better I am pretty darn sure!

ok so remember how I was going to post the stories of all the families nominated? oh and btw... A fantastically huge thank you to everyone that nominated a family. I loved reading all your heartfelt words. Lots of love going on here :)

That was supposed to be today. And you all were going to vote (something about democracy?) haha!!

Guess what else I'm a big believer in??


So we're switching over to the random side of life. Ahhhh that actually feels SO much better!

Mostly because when really thoughtful people write really thoughtful words about people they believe in, well there tends to be lots of those thoughtful words. Which I love, but it's alot to ask of cool people like you to read through.

so new plan...

I am going to set up a random drawing that will be either video'd or photo'd extensively.

One for the photoshoot, and one for the apron!

{ btw... no one asked to see that apron!! you're all sooooo trusting } haha!!

The apron is very Heather Bailey meets Amy Butler!!! Two of my favorite designers!

I'm shooting for a Thursday posting, but don't hate me if it's Friday :)

in the spirit of randomness...

random lovely?!!

<3 Jill