Friday, October 29, 2010

Photoshoot Giveaway

it's amazing what a little perspective can do...

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I have to tell you the truth. I am writing this for the second time. I deleted the whole first post. I was working so hard to get it posted by Thursday as per my 3rd attemped goal date :) and it just wasn't thrilling me. When you set a goal and miss three times, lets just say it's painful.

just one day, and a dose of perspective... makes a difference you know!!

It started with a simple idea.

I want to give away a portrait session to a family in need this holiday season.

overthinking. debating details. inner struggles. possible concerns. all these things had me fretting for weeks. When a friend asked me what my original intention was I responded with ' I just want to be a rad person', to which she responded with 'then go forth and be rad'

well alrighty then!

So I'm just going to put it out there all willy nilly like and see what comes of it :)

and then I'm going to beg like crazy for your help! (and maybe promise you the world or just a silly handmade apron)

Sooooooo. Here's the deal...

I need you {my amazing friends, all of you, even the ones I didn't even know I had} to nominate a family that you feel could use a little help getting family portraits done this year.

How this will go down:

You can email me a little blurb about your amazingly awesome family of choice. with the subject 'giveaway'

Then on November 15th I will go through and compile all the many entries *thinking positivly* which will then be posted to my blog where all you beautiful people will be encouraged to vote... because we believe in democracy, what ever that is :)

Some things to keep in mind:

PLEASE don't use names.

try to keep it fairly short. just say no to 2 page essays.

all entires must be in by Midnight November 14... arizona time (of course)

and it's kind of important that the family is local to the Phoenix,AZ area.

So what exactly does your family get if they win? excellent question!! They will recieve my $350 fall package which includes...

There's just this one more little thing...

I really really really want this to be awesome. I recognize that I've been blessed with so much. Probably more than I deserve and I just really want to be able to give of my time and talents SO if by some miracle we can get atleast 20 nominations I will give a second photoshoot away randomly.

As in a random drawing :)

because random is good.

So lets just sweeten this deal just a teensy bit more :) For every person that takes the time to nominate someone I will throw your name into the hat to win an apron, handmade with lots of love by me... I know, it's not the world or anything. But it is pretty cute.

and if you just can't think of anyone perhaps you could be of help by linking this post on your facebook page and/or blog.

Now you all know I LOVE comments, so feel free to comment away but PLEASE remember the entries MUST be emailed to me at by midnight Nov. 14th Arizona time!!

now let us go forth and be rad together!

<3 jill