Monday, November 29, 2010

attacks of the dustiest kind

let me tell you what I miss.


I've printed almost 225 black and white prints at school and man alive am I itching for some color.

Dad's got some new toys on the farm these days. and they're GREEEEEEEN!

(and don't you LOOOOVE how you can see that they're green?)

two of my most favorite men on the planet right here.

Lucy getting her pout on :)

I realize it's hard to tell but this is exactly what it looks like. A ten year old girl operating heavy machinery! She likes to scoop the dirt and dump it in a pile 3 feet away. Kind of like that little shovel scooper toy at the park only it's not at the park and it's most definitely not a toy.

and then sometimes black and white just works. Don't fight it. embraaaace.

See all that dust?

I was standing in that giant dust cloud.

I do unfortunate things sometimes. Like for instance how I just stood there wearing not one but TWO (yes two!) cameras amidst the bajillions of dust particles that LOVE to attack cameras and their attached lenses... instead of running for the hills.

oh I'm no dummy, I covered the lenses with my hands. oh wait, still dummy huh? yeah. I think I killed one lens for sure. which means I have exactly one lens left. ho hum.

Dear Santa Clause,

I would LOVE some new lenses for Christmas! I promise to always run for the hills hence forth :) !! Also the #1 key on my keyboard is acting wonky. I could use a new #1 key. thx!

your ever so cool bff, Jill