Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pilgrims vs. Indians

So serious question for you all...

When is the last time you sported a bonnet?

because for me it was like three days ago.

My mom is so cute. She LOVES Thanksgiving. This year she got it in her head we should all dress up for our Thanksgiving feast.


here we all are with our best 'back in the day' faces on. Apparently we weren't ALL participating... *ahem Lucy and Logan!

Of course we did a smiley one as well. Which apparently we weren't all participating in that one either! haha!!!! *ahem... Savannah, Brent, Kathy, Chad and Mia aaaaand well, me. I'm at least half participating :)

Lucky for the indians we're a peaceful people! Clearly the pilgrims have the upper hand here. Thanks to Lori for volunteering Jeremy and meems to be indians. and thanks to Logan for wearing meems feathers when she refused.

Lucy was in a very silly mood.

She was telling jokes to the kids while they ate. They were having the best time.

truth: she wants that pie.

It was a really beautiful day here in AZ. My dad fell asleep out by the pool. I snuck out with the film camera to snap one of him sleeping... Chad got me!

Now isn't that just the perfect end to a perfect day?

Lucy, you crack me up.

How was your turkey? not too dry I hope.

Did you dress like pilgrims and indians? if no, then do you think you might consider it for next year?

Is it because this post was sooooo inspiring?????

... thought so!

thanks mom! For making us all bonnets and what nots. and also for cooking some of the stuffing not in the bird so I could eat it this year. It was a little bit crunchy but I found that I quite like it crunchy.

Stacey, next time come eat with us ok? Now we may never know what you would look like in a bonnet.