Saturday, September 4, 2010

Krissy and James are having a baby!

I'm just going to ruin the surprise right now and tell you


Do you ever have those moments where your rolling down the street, singing along with the tunes... a good song comes on and then suddenly you hear it.

Your Bob Marley ringtone. it's competing with your favorite song (that almost never comes on the radio)

You don't recognize the number so you have to make the crucial decision, ignore and continue your singalong, or turn it off and take the unsuspecting mystery call...

I took it. Honestly so unlike me. I am extremely good at ignoring the phone. Plus I have to get my singing fix somewhere (you know it's not going to be at church... right!) Ever wonder why I won't sing at church? Maybe I will tell you later. aaaaaaaand then again maybe I won't.

I was caught completely off guard When asked if I would do photos!

You can probably imagine why. It's bloody hot these days! I usually try to talk people into waiting until it cools off but this baby isn't waiting around for cooler weather!

Lucky for us we had a bit of a cool down last week. I think it only got to like 101 that day, but it was humid as heck!

Hats off to krissy! She was fabulous to work with! Didn't complain even once, but she did continue looking gorgeous till the very end :) !!

Perfect nails... just sayin.

Krissy giggled nearly the whole time. Can I just say I love happy people?!

Thank you guys! I loved meeting and working with you! Your baby has no choice but to be gorgeous!

p.s.- I saw pictures of the nursery... oh my gosh! It is DARLING! Krissy is an artist, maybe that has something to do with it? Or maybe it's James's crafty skills. The world may never know!