Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The cheese post.


Ok so this is something I have already posted on facebook waaaaay back in February. And my reasons for posting this to my blog 6 moths later are these...

A. not all my blog readers are my friends on facebook! Why I do not know, but it is what it is :)

B. I've been trying to cook more these days to benefit my family, ie... eat dinner at home with my kids all sitting around my kitchen table without interruption and well the obvious saving money issue I must always think about.

C. This is the perfect day after meal! ie... if for dinner you are planning to have spaghetti, ravioli or homemade pizza (or the likes of anything along these lines) ... you would put to good use your leftover homemade marinara/pizza sauce.

D. a friend of mine mentioned her attempted vegetarianism on the exact day I was making homemade pizza ~good timing Carly~ thus reminding me of my attempted veganism (didn't go well) upon which I invented this amazing sandwich which I do believe I could open a little restaurant based solely upon.

Because its really good.

and I want to share it with you...

because I love you.

I call this The Cheese Ball Sandwich

This is what you do...

toast 2 slices of whole wheat (careful here not all whole wheat bread is created equally)

I spread a little leftover homemade marinara from tuesdays nights vegetarian ravioli. I do believe homemade is key here. I wish everyone would try making marinara it is beyond yum and almost as easy as opening a jar of prego (blech!)

the next layer was fresh spinach

now dont get scared off here! after that i sauteed some fresh mozarella sprinkled with panko bread crumbs.

on top of that i had an egg cooked over easy (yes folks runny yolk... you can do it)

a layer of sliced avacado

few more scoops of marinara

freshly grated parmesan cheese

another layer of spinach then top it with your wheat bread.


you're welcome :)

p.s.- I KNOW this is not in anyway a vegan sandwich (per my attempted veganism)

baby steps my friends. baby steps :)

p.s.s.- Lolo just reminded me to tell you that if you just can't deal with eggs... it's still a good sandwich, just not 'open a restaurant based solely on it' worthy is all. Omit the egg if you must.