Saturday, September 11, 2010

if not for the shadows

how would you see the way the light falls?

and how can you say you love the light but not the shadows.

It doesn't even make sense.

The shadows help define the light... think about it.

5:30am | looking eastward down Elliott Road as the sun rises.

I found this photo the other day and it struck me as a bit strange... especially considering the circumstances of which it came to be.

AND IT BUGS ME. because what happened was a couple months ago we were having issues with our smoke detectors. You know how when the battery gets low it beeps very randomly... usually in the middle of the night making it that much more of a nuisance?

yes well, this wasn't that.

it was full on going off. Like my house was on FIRE.

This photo came to be on the first incident. it was approx. 5:30am. Chad doesn't even get off work until 6am. The kids were freaked out. I texted Chad numerous times... *crickets* Not knowing what was going on i decided to leave my 'used to be blue' house and go to my moms. We used to call it our 'little blue house', but it's faded to white and so it is now known as our 'used to be blue house' :)

I sent the kids out to the garage and I went back in for my camera. (indeed this is the part that bugs me)

I didn't think the house was on fire... but I didn't know. I mean it appeared not to be, but what if i missed something?

I grabbed my camera?!?!

what the heck! You see, the problem is that the camera is so super-de-duper replaceable. The images it's captured not so much.

Next time I'm grabbing the mac!!

and when I came out there was this note hanging from the door knob...

I love how they gave him my phone number! huh?! haha!!

I found the whole note hilarious. Plus I knew Chad would freak a little coming home to that which serves him right for not responding to wife texts with key words such as *fire* and *screaming bloody murder* at 5:30am.

haha. J/k about the serves him right thing. i knew he just didn't get them...

but incase you wondered, yes it does horrify me to see just how grubby my garage door/wall is! GROSS!!

p.s. if I start getting funky calls in the middle of the night... well, I doubt I will even notice because half the time I can't hear my ringer when I am awake... but still... don't do it.