Monday, July 12, 2010

The Sky Was whitish-gray.

Miss me much??

The girl: Miss Lu
The place: the park with the swings... not slides
The mood: jolly and carefree
Off in the distance: the pier
The sky: stark white!

Vacation is splendid. That is where I've been off to these days.

Oceanside, CA to be exact.

I think I will love to tell you all about things like:

holes... and the squirrels that live in them; not so hot tubs; my eyes + sea air = something magical; parks with slides... not swings; holy bathrooms of doom; milkshakes at Ruby's; strawberry fields forever; pads that start with i, and I want one bad; moody skies; double decker balconies; machine gun laughs; sharks on sticks; sand sand and more sand... seems fitting for a sandstrom family vacation... don't you think?

and if it so happens that I don't tell you all that, well I will at least post some photos. Their worth a thousand words a piece!

but for now... slumber sweet slumber :)