Saturday, July 31, 2010

The faces of Vogue

Pretty foxy eh?

I got some fantastic old { not quite vintage, but almost } VOGUE patterns the other day for a whopping 75% off

*the crowd goes wild*

ok so "almost vintage" might be stretching it a bit. The truth is I've got an IMAX ticket more vintage than that dress pattern.

Wednesday April 3, 1996 @ 7pm Mystery of the Maya and The living Sea

Quite riveting on the big screen I am sure! And I am positive Chad's extensive collection of Garbage Pail kids is at least as vintage if not more vintage than the lovely dainty delicates pattern. With a copyright of 1986 it's a real toss up!

I suspect I shall be up to my ears in fun times before I know it.

I couldn't be happier about it :) !!

and for tomorrow??...

glad you asked, off to Newport Beach

*and again the crowd goes wild*

followed by a moment of cricketty silence...

cheerio my friends, cheerio.