Wednesday, September 2, 2009

luck be a lady

I've had so much going on lately and I'm feeling like such a slacker in the blog department.

Yesterday though natalie had the orthodontist appointment shes been waiting for for a long time...

the one where he removes those stinky little barnacles that have been glued to her teeth for a year now. Look close and you will notice one tooth still attached to a barnacle as it's being pulled out. Pretty cool eh?

So yay for Natty.

And yay for Lucy.

Yep. Lucy is one lucky little lady. A few weeks ago I took my sewing machine in to get it serviced at the Bernina store. Been doing alot of sewing. The guy that does the work on them called me to ask me a few questions, the first one being... you have little kids? This was because he found 20+ pins/needles down in the bottom of it. He was not impressed. Made it a sure point to sack them all up and give them back to me. He worked fast though and got my machine back to me the next day... which is amazing.

And Lucy was so funny. When we went in to drop the machine off she got to talking to the store owner and sales lady. Pam and Sherri. She is always very good at asking people names and the miracle is that she remembers them. Not for a small while either. Days and weeks or longer. It's amazing really.

When we went to pick up the machine the next day, to Lucy's delight, they were having a carnival. She got tickets (which was thrilling enough) that she could turn in for free icecream, popcorn and watermelon. And when she saw Pam she put her little hand on her hips and asked, you still Pam? What a sass queen that girl is.

She amuses those near her at all times.

and just imagine her surprise and delight when we got a phone call 2 days ago declaring her the winner of the big stuffed bear.

How do you win you ask??

Thats easy! just guess how many buttons are in the jar.

um yeah... i never win those either.

yay for lucy.

and yay for Natty :)