Wednesday, September 23, 2009

hello miniature cup holders!

What do you do when you fall in love with a car...

a BMW to be exact.

and then you fall in love with another car...

the Audi...

and then you love them both so much and it's a real toss up?

Apparently you buy a...

and hopefully move on with life :)

It's not that you don't like the Volvo. It's just that you LOVE the bimmer. Yes I know we could go back and forth all day as the whether it's a bimmer or a beemer... After many seconds of research I've decided they're both right... and I prefer bimmer.

because it's more fun.

But the volvo's price was just too hard to argue with. Plus I feel like the president of the United States of America when I drive it.

that was the first thing i said to chad as I drove it off the lot... unrolled my window with the tint peeling off and shouted...

"Do I look like the President of the United States of America?"

he said I did. This is only because it's black k. not because I think Obama drives a Volvo... prolly drives a Toyota or a Honda like the rest of America. ( note: re-reading this later I thought it possible some of you may take this the whole wrong way... it's because the president is always in a black car! Nothing to do with his ethnicity.)

When I went to to my stinky old Honda to get my water out of the car I noted that it was like a Honda line-up at the BMW dealer... next to me was a Honda element (so goofy... don't buy these people they're lame-o!) and next to that was a Honda oddessy. Couldn't help but think maybe those people hate their Honda as mucho as me :)

yes I hate my Honda... sue me.

and so the closest I get to bmw at this time is a liscense plate cover!

but don't be surprised if this issue is revisited in the future... say 2 years or so!! know when Lucy's in kindy and I can get a job :)

btw,no need to express your undying love for your own personal hell I call Honda... I already know you love it!!!

and I'm ok with that.