Sunday, October 2, 2011

See how she looks at him. Looove that.

While looking through folder after folder of old photos in search of something particular...

 I found a photograph of my mom and dad that made me smile from ear to ear.

I'm the middle child.

I don't particularly look like either of my parents.

People usually settle on me being a "good mix" of the two...

but just this one time I see a little bit of myself in my mom <3 !!

I've seen this picture before.  Looking at it always makes me wonder...

What is the dealio with the matching outfits?!


MOM: if you're out there, please explain.

Love your guys's guts.


{Disclaimer: now that I've come out and said I don't look particularly like either parent, I am quite positive I will get all kinds of you look just like your ......... !!!!!    Don't believe it. All my life I've been the mix. }