Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It runs in the family

This is like sooooo mommy blogger of me but...


because I am a mommy that bloggers.

Used to be (the good old days) I would click on my gmail link up in my bookmarks bar and my email would pop right up.

Not so much now. I click my link and what I usually get is Kassidy's email popping up. Which is annoying because you know, logging out and all that good stuff. Oh and by the by... I can't help but notice that kid's password is like 45 dots long? an essay password, innovative.

A few days ago I popped her email up on accident and before my eyes was this beautiful email she had sent to one of her friends.

It was so sweet. You see her friend got a bird a few weeks back and out of no where the bird keeled over dead. She is very sensitive about animals (hence we don't talk about how G-pa ran over 3 cows last week on his way home from the farm) so to make her friend feel better she made this drawing of 'Sunny' for her.

I was looking at it and was just taken by the artistry of it. I love the gesture of the wings. And look at that face! That is a happy peaceful face.

such feeling in the work of a 13 year old.

and I just marveled at how she did this using a mouse.

I am such a clutz using the mouse. or a pencil. Just ask my photography teacher. We used to have to draw what we photo'd to record how we printed it and... well... my drawings were laughable.

yes. out loud laughable.

see below.

It's a darn good thing I don't have a friend with a bird.

and then poor Lucy was so bored today. I could hear her whining and boobing from across the house.

Kassidy left her art site up and Lucy decided to take a whack at it. (found this up after dinner)

Her picture cracks me up.

I guess her sweet little feelings and worry show in her artwork! Poor baby.

That kitty just seems so dejected. But again, a 5 year old did that with a mouse? is it because I'm left handed that I can't properly control the mouse? No, because give me a pencil and bam. Still rotten.

But then earlier today (oh were jumping all over the place here) when we were happier, Chad let her draw in his sketch book and she was so pleased to get to do so.

She drew this portrait of Natalie...

Honest to goodness when I look at that I am in awe of how my 5 year old drew her facial features. We're cooking up some artists over here.

I should tell you the one on the right is Natalie. I'm not positive who the one on the left is but if I had to guess by looking I would have to say either Bob Marley or ME.

I bet it's me.

Don't you feel sorry for me? I had an ugly day and someone recorded it.