Saturday, September 10, 2011

If you must know, it was the middle finger.

I was just sitting here finishing up (wasting time, really) all the little things I had intended to do when I first plopped into the chair in front of the computer.

All at once it seemed really lonely. Everyone has gone to bed except me.

and my tummy is growling.

Sometimes I am super awesome and make my family a really delectable feast.

Not today though. Today I didn't make dinner at all.

I went into the kitchen to search for something to fix this problem and all I could agree on was a boxed mix of blueberry muffins... thank you Betty Crocker.

but then my dramatic side kicked in and I fretted about it being midnight by the time they were done. And how I just DID NOT want to stare at the kitchen timer until midnight. Plus I would probably be dead by then anyway.

on second look it was only 11:19pm, and the box said '17-21 min.' which if I calculate correctly (sucked at math) means it will be done sometime BEFORE midnight.

So whist I waited, I decided to hop on my blog and tell you about how I've been meaning to tell you all about one particular adventure at Lake Powell... The one with the Howard Stern effect.

Do you know what the Howard Stern effect is?

That's ok if you don't. I will surely tell you all about it in my next post.

ahh the magical beeping from the kitchen!

The muffins are done and it turns out my calculation WAS correct! It is 11:49pm which is sometime before midnight. It's possible I forgot to calculate cooling times (not on box!) so it turns out I will be eating at midnight after all.

I think its really crappy of me to not make anyone dinner and then wait until they are all slumbering in their bed to whip out my super gourmet box of Betty Crocker muffin mix. The nice thing to do would be to save them some for breakfast and all... But I'm not making any promises this late at night.

and I feel bad that you read all the way through this semi-pointless blog post, so I have decided to reward you with a wipe-out shot of cousin Ben at Lake Powell.

Lookie at that! Two photos. It's your lucky day.

So what do you think?

not that great?

Yeah well, I burned my finger putting the muffins in the oven so I will blame it on that.

nighty night.