Thursday, October 14, 2010

What is, and what may never be

There is this incredible photographer that I do not know. Not personally anyways. I like him on facebook. I try to follow his work but quite honestly he doesn't post it all that often. What I am left to enjoy is his words. I don't know where he gets his quotes. What I do know is that his words (where ever they are derived from) make me think deeply, and I get this sense of amazing spirit. A truly humble soul, he is. A few days ago he posted this...

the Seeker journeys a thousand miles to say 'I have arrived.' the Finder never stops arriving.
{ Jesh De Rox }

Simple as it is... this one especially stuck out to me as thought provoking. You see I am going through what I can only explain as a photographical identity crisis.

Where is this going for me?

Where do I want it to go?

Why haven't I done 'this or that'?

Why am I delving into film?

Am I going to make film a part of my photographical journey?

How far can I take this? How far do I want to take this?

Why can't I just stop searching for perfection? What even is perfection? Can I make my own version of perfection?

That's it! I want to find my own version of perfection. I don't want to fit into anyones pretty little pre-made box. I haven't yet fully discovered myself as a photographer. I haven't found my 'place'. Where you think I should be is perhaps not where I will choose to go. I am not afraid of the unknown path I am on.

It is this path that keeps me excited intrigued and invigorated to peer around the next bend of MY journey.

I am on a journey of my own choosing. I don't know where it will take me. I take pleasure in not knowing the outcome. I will not limit myself by putting up such a road block as 'a destination'.

My photography class has been incredibly encouraging for me. Amazing people have entered my life. I have been wanting to share some of what I have been working on at school.

Maybe you think I love to post photos of my bed. haha! No, not really. I was telling Carly on gchat about how I hung some of my work above my bed. She asked when she could see it. She saw it last night, and today I share with you!

This is a glimpse of one photo I particularly love.

Bless Kelly for dressing up all vintage and indulging my silly ideas. This comes from my shutter speed assignment. I call this one "extra credit' :) !!

The spectacular view is something taken in Sedona for my first assignment. It fulfilled the earth capture.

I got my first assignment back from Mr. Williams on Wednesday. This is what he wrote to me regarding said assignment. I made clear for you the part I found particularly fabulous.

"so boring it's great"


You see?! That is exactly what I am talking about! That something so incredibly boring can be made great by one. Not by me, but the person that can find beauty in the boring. ( Thank you Mr. Williams ) Perhaps I will print this one to share with you later so you can decide if boring is beautiful.

P.S. please note... an A+ is not the rule in my life. it is the exception.

I am cooking up something for my next post that I hope will be wonderful for all who choose to be involved. please check back as I will need the help of many to pull this one off :)

<3 !!