Thursday, August 12, 2010

do. as in don't not... get it?

Ever been to a little beach town in CA by the name of Ventura?!


seriously, don't not. Do, go that is. It is completely adorable.

There was the cutest little camera shop there.... Dexters. All the vintage cameras in the window immediately caught my eye. I had to go in. Oh. my. goodness.

You should see it! The whole wall is filled with cameras but the top three shelves were all old vintage cameras!

So of course I had to ask... are these for sale??

If you really want one we could work something out.

:) yes please!!

Pretty cute isn't she?

you're drooling aren't you?! haha!! ok fine. Maybe it's not drool worthy. I only paid $25 bucks for it and that was probably too much, though i haven't looked so i am not sure!

They said it works so...

{ note to self: search for film online }

haha! Look at me all "look at my awesome cameras and my giant tri-pod and whatever you do don't forget to notice the red square lucy stamped on my arm earlier today"

Did you really think I had a red square birthmark? It's not like its unheard of you know. But yeah no. It's ink.

But the real question is... did you notice my earrings?

This is where i let you in on a little secret ;) !!

About a year ago I was sitting in Relief Society just enjoying the lesson... seriously can't remember what it was even on... but thats ok because it's not crucial to my point. Someone spoke up and mentioned how they try to wear earrings everyday, because it makes them feel pretty and 'dressed'...

and wouldn't you know I didn't own one pair of earrings at that point! And then as I was walking through Anthropologie soon after, the earring rack caught my eye and this lady's words came back to my mind. So I bought some.

I want to feel pretty! ... and 'dressed'!

So I wore those earrings, like everyday. I still love them actually they're my favorites :) and you know what?! This works! You gotta try it. I could be wearing 20 year old pajamas and not showered for a day (even earring have limits people... one day max, after that take a shower!) as long as those earring are in I feel dressed. No joke. Try it!

And you know what else?! I notice people noticing them :) I see them seeing my earrings and i am almost positive they're thinking, wow this girl is dressed!

You laugh and mock me now but you will see. That earring rack will catch your eye and suck you in! Don't worry it's all for the best. I now own 4 pairs of earrings. This is good so people don't think I'm some wacky superstitious girl that HAS to wear the same earring everyday. haha!

Dangly. I love the dangly ones :) LOVE!!

See that shirt I'm wearing? The lady at the store (oh please, you KNOW what store!) anyhoo, the lady at the store said this was a dress. A dress??

I will be wearing it as a shirt! thank you very much ;-)

Can you even imagine?? Sheesh!

*eyes rolling* yeah let's get back to some good camera talk!

So... I shined this baby up! The lens still looks dirty. Gotta work on that, or do I?? maybe the dirt is fun?! I wish I had film, I love the oldschool viewfinder. It's on top. You look down into it! Here see for yourself!

Can you see it? Here's a closer view...

it's Lucy sitting on my mom's couch watching Charlotte's Web :)

Pretty rad huh!

I had my camera on me everywhere i went today. And since I am unfortunately addicted to Anthropologie I found a way to work it into my 'to-do' list for the day...

found some stuff I am fairly certain I need! Like these fantastic bowls.

{ things you didn't previously know about me: I am a dish person. }

you know everything else. Seriously I have too many dishes. I love them. I will show you sometime I am quite certain of that!

oh and aren't these to die for?! pretty pretty pretty. want. want. want.

Hey maybe since I let you in on the little earring secret you could pick me up one of these snazzy vases whilst you get yourself some lovely earrings?!

Just thought I'd throw that out there and see what happens.

g'night!! <3

p.s. did I tell you that i signed up for a photography class at the community college?!