Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lu turns 3 and...You not coming!

About two weeks ago we clued Lucy in to the fact that it was almost her birthday...

since then we've been cordially un-invited about every 5 min. or in other words when ever we didn't do precisely what the princess wanted us to do.

"Lucy... get off the table!"


Even grandma and grandpa "not coming!"

So i thought for lu's birthday I would throw a couple pictures of her up. Maybe some of you don't Know she had a broken arm at the tender age of 7 months old!! This did not slow her down.

also she started rockin her { rockstar hair } at a very young age!

It took a while but I found a picture I like of each of us holding Lucy... the most adored baby on earth, I'm pretty sure.

This photo of Natalie and Lucy was in jerome... boy did we ever get some looks! Some people even stopped to take a picture!

I've always liked this picture of Chad and Lu. Lu with her tongue out.

Finding a picture of me with Lu was not an easy task seeing as how I am usually the one taking the pictures. Luckilly I was smart enough to make good use of my tripod and timer. Thts right folks... I take ALL the pictures around here! I'm not saying it's great, I'm just saying YAY! one exists...

I love this girl! Happy Birthday Lu!