Thursday, June 4, 2009

deeply dimpled darling

She's here!!

Well actually she's been here for a couple weeks now. I'm just a little slow :)

And Lori... i know I said that none of the photos on black were going to work out.

I was wrong.

Lori is such a dear to let me photograph her babe...

Honestly, because she {hearts} photography as much as me. But i made her promise before Mia was born that she'd share the photographic fun. Didn't even hesitate! What an awesome sister :)

I went to B&N a while back and picked up a book on knitting...

but I didn't knit the baby sack. I was just trying to make you think i did for a second. Yeah well. I haven't had time to delve into knitting just yet. I love knitted things so I am super stoked to get started... not sure when that will be. Maybe soon?

i stole the ring on the toe thing from Stephanie... an awesome photographer I met on flickr!

Yeah I steal ideas. I'm admitting it. It's just that other people have such good ones!

The key thing... ALL ME BABY!

No matter that her daddy wants to know why the heck shes holding a key :) I just say its the key to his heart. She's plotting ways to use it for good and evil!!

She's pretty good looking huh?

I'm related to good looking people :)


What a pretty baby. Good job Lolo. Love ya!

I have a cd ready to go for you!