Thursday, June 4, 2009

little darling... the Smiles returning to the Faces

I walked into my dark bedroom and saw my 3 kids sitting on my tomato colored chair with their zombie eyes focused intently on the mac, staring in dreamy wonder at the cartoon rotting their brains. I thought to myself, no. This is not good. there is a perfectly good 50 inch plasma not 5 feet behind them! no wait, thats not what was wrong...

It's still light outside! What the heck is going on here?? "Everybody out"

When i walked outside I first noticed it felt nice, not similar to the toasty oven feel it usually has. And then I noticed the most glorious light coming down on my babies. It was so purdy I left Lucy on the driveway as I ran to get my camera. (a bad mom thing to do!) Told Lucy, "Lu, don't let anyone steal my bike!" Wouldn't you know it, when i got back the bike and the light were gone!

"Lu. Where'd my bike go?"

Lu wearing a big ol pout..."Kassy took it"

k, but where did my magical lighting go? So that what you see above is all there was left of it. And even then I had to implement some photoshop magic :)

Kids + wagon = Fun times! I know that one picture is blurry. Well actually most of the pictures are blurry ( it was pretty dark out ) but that look on Natalies face... i just couldnt pass it up!

a day in the life...