Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If I call it cane sugar you will think I'm fancy no?

Occasionally I'm just doing my thing and I accidentally invent something supremely fantastic.

And since I'm deeply devoted to you all, I share all my secrets before I even think about getting a patent on it.

haha just kidding. I don't think you patent recipes. You just don't always share ;)

Unless of course you're me, then you do. Giddy up!

Not sure where that came from. ha!

Now I'm not sayin this doesn't exist in some form out there, all I'm saying is, as far as I know it came out of my brain as of Sunday night and I personally have never experienced it in any way before... but I live in a dark closet.

That was my disclaimer incase you're all about to tell me that I did not in fact actually invent this. Fair? ok.


Shall we talk a little about where on earth you might find a used half of a vanilla bean?


Look in your sugar canister.

What? There's not one in there?! Thats weird. There should be!

Sometimes things are so deeply ingrained in me I forget you don't know the possibilities unless you and I are standing face to face with only a canister of sugar wielding a used vanilla bean between us.

Did you picture that? I totally did. haha!

*GOOD IDEA* (write this one down)

when ever you use a vanilla bean, toss the used pod into your sugar canister. It will turn your plain old sugar into super tasty magical vanilla sugar.

You will find a used vanilla bean in my sugar canister at any given time.

But if you don't have a used one, don't fret, you may use a new one as well with acceptable results. Just take your vanilla bean and split it down the middle lengthwise. Open the pod and scrape the innards out with the back of a spoon, or if you're a grossioso then just use your filthy fingernail. But clean it out with a potato brush first would ya! (just use a spoon people!)

I probably wouldn't put all the good stuff out of the vanilla pod into the simple syrup mixture, but I would toss it into my sugar and give it a little shake!

Try it out, let me know what you think. Or better yet drop by with a glass full and I will happily taste test it for quality assurance.

And yes the heating it up step is entirely necessary.

<3 Jill