Monday, January 17, 2011

I swear there's gold in those hills.

I sat starting at this photo for several moments last night. It's really beautiful I thought. Not just because it's my little Lucy but because there's something about it. It also brought to the foreground some things I've been needing to address with myself.

I thought I would talk a little about the circumstances by which this photograph was made and why I fail at film.

or maybe I shouldn't...

no, I should.

I am starting another film photography class tomorrow and this is something I need to work though.

So after staring at this image for quite sometime I went back into bridge to have a look at this little group of photos. There were probably about twenty or twenty-five in the group. Over and over I searched for something else to catch my eye. It wasn't there. Out of all those images there was exactly ONE that was working for me.

Miss Lucy makes my heart sing.

She just wanted a bath so she could play with her new bath toys. Daddy pulled her hair up into a silly little bun, kind of off to the side. Not particularly prim. Its a sign that bath time will be more playing than washing. The light was pretty much as horrible as it gets. Pure incandescent, coming from straight up. But oh the way shes holding her little lips. and the tilt of the head just so. the wisp of fallen hair so perfectly dangling from her sweet noggin. a downward glance at just the right moment to show off those baby lashes. rosy. posy. cheeks.

And it occurred to me... this is why I am failing at film.

I should show you my contact sheets from last semester. Ha! Each image different from the next. I gave each intended shot exactly one try. Maaaaaaaaaybe two on very rare occasions. Never did I just take the camera and do what I do. And do you know how many shots I missed? Me either! Kind of glad I don't know actually :)

All I know is if I stopped after the first shot the above image would not exist. because sometimes its the little unplanned details that make the shot fantastic. and we all know you can't plan for unplanned perfection.

I mean you can try. good luck with that. Pretty sure the earth would stand still at that very moment.

bracing myself for the sheer number of frames I plan to shoot this next semester.

and now I must say goodnight as i have class quite early tomorrow!!!!!!