Saturday, October 10, 2009

Much love, Jill

Give this kid a quarter and she'll do anything for you!

Quarters = gummyballs.

Including sit in a tree though she's really quite afraid to do so.

I am taking this photography workshop put on by Sheye Rosemeyer. Its supposed to be non stressful but anytime you put a time limit on something for me I will be stressed!

This weeks task was to pick 3 (out of ten) things she (Sheye) loves out of a hat and implement them in a photograph.

I got...

{ summertime, handmade, and paper }

Could i have picked three harder elements? No.

Did i want to cheat and pick again? Yes.

Would Chad allow it? No.

So here I sit dreaming up paper ideas.

It paper thats throwing me off.

These are/were? my preliminary ideas... though looking at them now they dont scream summertime or paper and I will likely have to explain that I made that dress.

Dear paper... Could you fold yourself up into a little paper airplane and and fly yourself right into my lap with the uttermost lovely ideas written on you? Oh please oh please!

<3 jill