Saturday, August 8, 2009

You Dealin With the wHole enchilada

There was 3 days of utter annoyance and stress around here.

And then there's today.

Today I gave up. I can only be military mom for so long before I tire of it. It's really not my style but man sometimes the kids just push my button one after another non-stop forever and ever. They never tire of it. It's their specialty.

A few days ago I realized I was running low on moisturizer. Decided Nordstrom was gonna have to be the next stop. On the way there I caved and went to Sephora at San Tan mall... it's alot closer. But even though they carry my brand I was resisting buying it there. I just really wanted to get it form Nordstrom. You think I'm crazy but I'm not I tell you. It was meant to be. Check this out.

Got up this morn, sewed a skirt { highly therapeutic }... took a shower. Put kids for naps (yes all of them) we have this rule around here, we nap. During nap time you can either nap or read. I usually choose nap. Actually I always choose nap and Lu has no choice. She naps.

Ok so today I didn't nap. I got in my car and drove myself to nordstrom to do what should have been done days ago!

Do you ever think life is all about timing? There was an accident on the corner of Higley and Eliott today.

And also the exit for the 101 was closed. There was a huge line of people getting off the freeway at price. Did I ever tell you how my ac doesnt work when my car is idleing? HaHa!! We're car shopping too by the way. It's adding to my stress.

This is what happened on the freeway that made me laugh smile giggle and generally speaking boosted my already good mood up a notch...

As I pull up behind the jeep I was inevitably going to be spending the next 10 minutes behind, with my hot pink heart shaped glasses...
. { these are they }

and a smile plastered on my face. (hey I was sans kids, do you blame me?) I can see the guy in the driver seat was looking at me in his rear view mirror. He looks away for a second but then he does it again. And again. Haha he's probably wondering what the heck I'm smiling about. Perhaps he thinks I'm flirting?? Then this is great...

the old guy in the passenger seat turns around, remember they're in a jeep with the top off so i can pretty mucho see what kind of shoes they're wearing :) he flashes a big 'ol cheesy grin at me then gives the driver shove. Now this sort of thing can be ok when you can get away but lets face it we were stuck for a while. The old guys proceeds to make somewhat of a scene, i can only imagine the razzing going on, but for the next ten minutes I laughed as he guestured wildly with his hands and rocked the jeep back and forth like only a teenager would. Poor guy was probably SO embarrassed! I mean how awkward. Can't get away. Can't look in the mirror. Can't not look in the mirror!

Haha! When Lori called after I had escaped I related it to how when we were younger just to bug her we'd "drive even" with someone. window down. Can't look. Can't not look! AKWARD!!

not for me though. I'm socially starved so I will pretty much eat up anything of this sort. It's sad really.

But if ever there was a day to buy moisturizer at the mall today was the day! It was a little confusing at first because I know where the perricone counter is there. It's always in the same spot. Except today it was gone. Bummer right? Naw... they're very helpful there at nordstrom. Today was "learning day" at Nordstrom :) That means there were people there that know thing about skin. I have finicky skin. It's real sensitive. After a brief Q&A she shows me to the Kinerase counter. A brand I've tried before and somewhat liked but man is it expensive! I shy away from creams over $100. Today they were having a special too good to pass up! buy 2 get one free. It's a gimmick, but a gimmick I'm ok with since i was defiantly buying anyway. In addition to that, since it was "learning day" Nordstrom was giving away a really cute cosmetic bag full of awesome samples! I love samples! So buy two... get a ton of stuff free.... I'm totally into that :)

The for the rest of the day I hung out with the fam... my mom wanted us to come over for burgers and a swim. it was relaxing. And amazingly enough it wasn't too stinkin hot outside. ( we're talking 7 pm, not 3 in the afternoon) Miracles do happen.

My consumer reports magazine is my new BFF. We hang out alot. i can't seem to find a balance of want meets need in a car.

When I was a kid I dreamed of being a racecar driver.

Apparently the dream is not dead :)