Saturday, August 1, 2009


I had some really super ideas yesterday all of which turned out amazing and fun!

NOT! that was sarcasm incase you couldn't tell :)

Some of you fellow facebook addicts may have seen my status yesterday. it read...

Jill Sandstrom Ison must be feeling desprate... going to the mall with all 3 kids. nothing good can come of this. And perhaps you read my post form last night at 1:17 am??

maybe not. But either way I will tell you of our most unawesome adventures.

Chad is back on nights these days. Kids not quite back in school yet. Imagine trying to keep three totally bored kids quiet all day while hubby sleeps. Did I mention my house in miniature in size? And we have wood floors? Both important factors when imagining the noise level. I decided it would be best if we just left.

Driving down the 60 we pass golfland/sunsplash. I get this ingenious idea.

"Hey if your good at the mall (cuz we all know that's a trick and a half) maybe we can go to nightsplash tonight! Call grandpa and see if he's up for it. He is... for the time being :)

Feeling guilty about dragging the kids all over the mall all day i decided that even though they weren't very well behaved at the mall we should still go have a little night fun. I mean seriously the mall is sooo boring for kids. Plus we never did quite find justice like i'd promised.

haha this is where the real fun begins!

Lori... per your comment on my last post, YES it was a wild night! And am I ever glad you decided not to go! I woulda been saying...

"it's a good thing you LOVE me, otherwise you'd HATE me" :)

all night long, and it woulda totally been true!

as we near Sunsplash we can't help but notice how there isn't a single parking spot! Not in the lot and not even on the street near the lot. Oh boy. Are we sure we want to do this I ask?? Of course the kids shout YES! We have really awesome timing because just as i pull in someone is pulling out... like it was meant to be. And again before I shut the ignition off I ask, "you sure? We could go to grandmas and splash around at night, hehe anybody???" ha! yeah right.

Ever been to sunsplash?

it attracts a different sort of crowd. Thats me saying it really nice :)

But at night it's a whole nother ball game.

different + rough x ten times the usual amount of bodies = um yeah. not my kind of fun.

First thing we did was get a locker. I really didn't want to. it was $8. I stood staring at the kiosk for about a minute before turning to my dad and saying "I really don't want to get one! It's $8!!"

just do it, he says, its worth it not to get your stuff ripped off. And lets face it the only stuff I was worried about was the keys because in no way would it have been cool to be stranded there all night! So I did it.

I cannot even help you to picture the amount of bodies there. It was massive. theres was a line for the wave pool. Is that even possible? Yes. yes it is :) And the lazy river. It was insane. My plan was to go on the slides a million times. but after standing in the line for 10 minutes we decided that this sucks! Even the kids wanted to leave. So it was decided... we were leaving. but not before lucy got to slide down the dragon slide. After all we had to get something for our $63 entrance fee plus our $8 locker! It only took one swift trip down the dragons back and she was done! haha it was so funny to watch though i wish you could have seen it :)

As we're walking thorugh the massive crowd my dad says... this reminds me of a scene from "The Swimmer" ever seen it he asks?

no. Do you have it? Let's go watch it.

It's just like this, he says. The scene where he's swimming in a public pool, people everywhere. Chaotic.

When we got home he put it on for me. Have you seen this movie?
As I watch I can't help but think this movie is a tad bazaar. That being said I highly recommend it. Because what's life without a few bazaar movie thrown in the mix. Plus if you don't ever watch it you will never see the public pool scene thereby never fully understanding the massive chaos we experienced that one crazy night at nightsplash. And we can't have that now can we? Plus it was made in the 60's at a time that according to my dad, the movies makers were trying to make meaningful films. Films that made you think deeply...


THE SWIMMER. you won't regret it :)