Friday, November 11, 2011

A rare glimpse

at my ugly handwriting.  (you can thank me later)'s because I'm struggling with something.

I am sure I mentioned the critique class I am taking over at Art Intersection, yes? Well...

I found myself going into one of my almost unintelligible rambles last week as I expressed my frustration with finding value or importance in any of my images. 

Sometimes (alot) I think, how could this possibly matter? 

It seems an awkward position to be in. So much passion for something and yet a questioning of it's value.  

My instructor, Jim, thankfully interrupted my ramblings, and asked me to do something.

He told me to write.  Take your notebook here and just start writing, he said. Write down everything that comes to mind, anything at all pertaining to the need to photograph. write write write, don't stop. See what happens. 

So I did.

Is it the final word? no.

It was 30 minutes of my brain putting forth effort.

Is it informative? Yes.

Things came out I didn't expect.

Will I write more? obviously.

I pulled this part out and gave it a little highlight because reading back through I paused on it, this thing which was pulled from within.

In that statement I find something real. Something I need.

:) jill